Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Hopes this Week! (July 28, 2008)

Please cross post this information to anyone interested in fostering, rescuing, or adopting. More background for each animal will be available upon request.

(A767691) - 4 yr old Beagle, 38 pounds; Owner surrender, owned 4 years

VOLUNTEER NOTE: Coda walks nicely on the leash and is housebroken. We passed other dogs and he did not display aggression. Coda is handshy. He is not hyper or scattered and showed friendlyness although he seemed very much lost and depressed.

Shashia (A772070) – 12 yr. female Cocker Spaniel, 30 pounds; owner surrendered (landlord).
No behavior concern. Great with adults, kids.BRIGHT, ALERT, RESPONSIVE, HYDRATED

New Hope is a network of over 100 pet rescue, support and adoption agencies in the eastern US who are now associated with AC&C in the process of locating homes for the animals we rescue. As the largest animal rescue organization east of the Rocky Mountains, AC&C has begun to function as the source of adoptable pets for numerous animal rescue organizations including breed-specific groups (for both cats & dogs). In recognition of these organization’s work and collaboration with our successes, AC&C assists New Hope partnered rescue groups by offering low cost microchips, free spay and neuter, vaccinations, behavioral tests and transport for animals that are rescued from our shelters.You can contact us at (212)788-4000 or email us at
If you are a rescue group and would like to apply to become one of our New Hope partners, please see application link below. Please email application to