Friday, October 3, 2008

Puppies Aren't Products: Another DOG Movie...Please Spread the Message -- ADOPT!

From Best Friends Animal Society:

Please spread the message to ADOPT following BEVERLY HILL CHIHUAHUA movie

Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a new Disney movie opens today, October 3rd...
We all know what happens when a new “dog movie” comes out—lots of people decide they must have a dog just like the one in the movie. But what people might not realize is that shelters and groups across the country have plenty of Chihuahuas, for ADOPTION. In fact, Chihuahuas are the 5th most-posted breed of dog for adoption on Petfinder (after Labs, Shepherds, Pit bulls and mixes of those breeds).

Check out our star-studded PSA video (with actors from the movie) that encourages adoption instead of buying. Watch on the Best Friends website (higher quality)
Watch on YouTube

We wanted to share a poster made by Best Friends that can be easily printed and hung up around your town to let people know that they can rescue a Chihuahua on Petfinder instead of buying one from a pet store, newspaper ad or the Internet. In fact, the star Chihuahua of the movie was rescued from a Moreno Valley shelter, outside of L.A. just days before his “time was up.” Download poster by clicking this link.

For more information visit our web page:

Feel free to use link to the video on your own websites.

On behalf of the ‘Puppies Aren’t Products’ Campaign Team, thank you for helping us spread word!

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