Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pet-so-heartless...Petsmart profits off animal cruelty

Petsmart profits off animal cruelty
OK here's another one to put on your DNS list (do not support :-).

Don't support Petsmart!! They make money off animal cruelty every day and also propagate the small animal and bird trade, which is more or less on same plane as the puppy mill industry, as far as the factory-like conditions and inadequate care and transportation systems. Not many people realize this!

Check this photo gallery to find out what happened to this poor rat and read stories and see documentation of individual cruelty cases PETA uncovered.
These animals are absolutely helpless and the public that purchases Petsmart products is clueless!!

While Petsmart may not be involved in the terribly, utterly cruel puppy and kitten mill industry, like chain stores such as Petland and Brooklyn's Pets Unlimited are, they too contribute to a mill-like industry -- one involving birds and small animals such as rabbits, gerbils, rats, and hamsters.

HERE'S WHAT TO DO: Shop at small, honest neighborhood pet supplies stores that do not sell animals or any living beings at all!

Did you know that you can adopt a rabbit, a gerbil, a hamster, a bird, even a snake?

In New York City, check out
Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, who have an adoption facility and pet supplies shop:
155 E. 3rd St., Brooklyn, New York
Between Caton and Ft. Hamilton

... and Social Tees in Manhattan's East Village (owner Robert, pictured here), who have also have an adoption facility and pet supplies shop:
124 East 4th St.
New York, NY 10003

Elsewhere, check and also explore your local rescue groups to help connect you to the wonderful people in your community or close by that help rescue these animals -- which often go unnoticed in the campaign to end homelessness and euthanization of animals across america.

Check out these to learn more about small animal adoption:
Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue
House Rabbit Society

And before you decide to bring a small animal into your home, do your homework!! It's very important that you commit to protecting and caring for any animal in your home for their entire lifetime.

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