Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sadie, rescued pit bull of Rational Animal Pit Ambassador namesake needs home!

As many of you know, Sadie Blackstar is Rational Animal's pit bull ambassador. Well, there is another Sadie who probably came from a similar background as our little Blackstar. A pit with somewhat distended glands under her belly, Sadie probably had puppies recently and was thrown away. She was rescued from the euthanasia list not the day of but the HOUR of what would have been her death. A couple I am friends with had seen her at the Brooklyn AC&C a few days prior and inquired with me last Saturday night. I was shocked, because I knew she was to be put down the next morning -- less than 12 hours from the time I learned they were interested in her. When I told them that she was to go down, they decided to foster her.

Through United Action for Animals, I was able to put a hold on Sadie; she was spayed Monday morning and I picked her up on Monday evening. Turns out the couple's landlord objected, even though he had said they could have a dog in their apartment not long before.

Thankfully, two roommates that live on the Upper East Side were able to step in for the couple, who are good friends of theirs, and foster Sadie. She is doing well, getting along with other dogs, even was fine around my cats.
Here is Sadie's Petfinder link and bio:

"Sweet Sadie is an American Staffordshire, about 2 years old and approximately 38 pounds. Can you believe someone dumped this adorable girl in a high kill shelter?? To make matter worse Sadie later found herself on the euthanasia list due to shelter over crowdedness. Thankfully she is now safe with her foster parents, but still needs a "furever" home. Sadie is great on a leash and terrific with other dogs (small and large). She is even fine with cats. Sadie is able to remain calm and collective amidst city noises and distractions, so she would be a perfect city/apartment pup. Sadie requires exercise and would be a great running partner for someone. Her sweet nature attracts many a dog lover at the park who also comment on her pretty face and loving eyes To meet Sadie, please contact United Action for Animals at 212-249-9178 or Our adoption fee is $150. Sadie is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered."

If you are interested in Sadie, contact United Action for Animals. Remember that a dog is a big responsibility and requires monetary resources as well as energy devoted to his/her life. Adoption is not an impulse buy- the process is exactly that -- a process. For the safety of the rescue group, the animals, and the adopters, an application and interview are pretty standard.

Please spread the word about Sadie, and always -- always! -- ADOPT, don't shop.

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Courtney K. said...

Sadie was adopted! She now lives on Long Island and loves the beach!