Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rational Animal Celebrates Pit Bull Awareness Day in NYC

Rational Animal teamed with the NYC Pit Bull / Pit Mix Meetup group, headed by Amy Calmann and, Pattie Smith, who she adopted from AC&C, for Pit Bull Awareness Day. The rain postponed the festivities from Saturday to Sunday, October 25th, but that did not deter the crowds from coming out with their pitties and posing for some great pictures.

Rational Animal was also promoting the Orange Ribbon for Animals "Animal Guardian" campaign and handed out orange ribbons to all the pit parents.

Further inside the park was a costume and agility contest for dogs, with supporters such as Happy Pants and Friends of Animal Rescue in attendance with info tables.

Rational Animal gave out copies of New York Tails Fall issue, which features a cover story about the pit bull ban in public housing (there is a ban on pit bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and dogs over 25 lbs) as well as an informational flyer as well; contents below:


Pit Bull Awareness Day in New York City
October 25, 2009
Tompkins Square Park

Rational Animal and the NYC Pit Bull and Pit Mix Meetup Group thank you for coming out today. Enjoy the pitties and their people, and continue to help educate others about responsible animal guardianship.

Thank you for your support and advocacy for this misunderstood animal. Though many of us have met or had our own pit bull and pit mix dogs, not everyone gives them the chance they deserve and sometimes these dogs are exploited and abused by humans right here in New York City.Continue to spread awareness about the many positive aspects of pits and the importance of spaying and neutering to prevent more unwanted pits from ending up in our overcrowded Animal Care & Control shelters.

Spay/neuter programs specifically for pit and pit mix dogs in NYC:

Out of the Pits “Fix-a-Bull” Program:
NYC AC&C Love Your Pit free and low-cost pit bull spay/neuter service:

*** If you know of more FREE spay/neuter services for pit bulls, email

Suggested websites and Resources:

NYC Anti-animal Fighting Campaign:
The Real Pit Bull:
Liberty Humane’s Bullies Are Deserving Dogs:
Animal Farm Foundation:

Bad Rap, nationally recognized pit bull rescue in the Bay Area of California:
Pit Bull Rescue Central – Where Education Meets Rescue:

Dispelling the myths – from
Pit bulls have locking jows – FALSE!
Pit bulls have the strongest jaws – FALSE!
Pit bulls turn on their owners – FALSE!
A higher percentage of pit bulls attack people than other breeds – FALSE!
All pit bulls are aggressive – FALSE!
Pit bulls are only good for fighting – FALSE!

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