Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How you can help NYC Horses

For over 100 years, horses have endured unnatural circumstances in Manhattan to keep the carriage-ride industry profitable. Year after year, NYC horses work year-round long hours, live in uncomfortable and inadequate urban housing quarters, and are forced to tolerate the crowded, chaotic streets of Manhattan.....all because people are still paying for a ride around Central Park. This is another example of how humans exploit animals for their own entertainment. Horses belong in pastures, not on an island full of 8+ million people. Fortunately, there are animal-rights groups that work tirelessly to help raise awareness about this cruel industry and to provide help to the horses.

In early 2010, Intro 35 was passed,which grants horses 5 weeks vacation per year. Stables are becoming more regulated, however the ultimate goal is to ban this industry forever. Intro 86 is a new legislation that plans to phase out New York City's horse carriage industry and replace it with an ecofriendly horseless carriage. This will ultimately not only be best for the horses, but also for the streets of New York. This means less crashes, more money for NYC through these tourist vintage car rides, and much happier lives for horses. Two strong supporters of Intro. 86 are the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and NYCLASS (New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and Safe Streets).

How you can help
  • If you live in New York City, contact your Councilmember and ask him or her to support Intro. 86.
  • Click here to submit an email to NYC Council members to support Intro 86
  • "Like" NYCLASS on Facebook and spread the news to your friends
  • Watch this documentary "Blinders: The Movie" to educate yourself about the cruel horse-carriage industry
  • Report horse abuse. If you're a witness to abuse, call 212-876-7700 to report it!

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