Friday, October 15, 2010

"Missouri's Dirty Dozen"

As many of you know, Missouri is well-known among the animal community as being a state filled to the brim with horrible puppy mills. If a person buys a puppy from a pet store, chances are the puppy came from a Missouri mill. These mills are inhumane and need to be closed.

The Humane Society of United States released a "Dirty Dozen" report on Missouri's worst puppy mills.

"Violations included sick or dying puppies who had not been treated by a veterinarian; dogs found shivering in temperatures as low as 9 degrees; and dogs so emaciated that their bones were visible through their skin."

The Dirty Dozen
Brandi Cheney and Diana Stephenson, S & S Family Puppies, Milan
Beverly Fields, B & B Kennel, Galt
Shannon Plymell, Windsong Kennels, Pattonsburg
Diana and Floyd Miller, Bar M Ranch Kennel, Spickard
Paul and Pollie Gingerich - Gingerich Farms, Bogard
Mary Ann Smith, Smith’s Kennel, Salem
Cox, Marsha - Mar-Don Kennel, Chillicothe
Peggy Ryan, For Heaven’s Sake Kennel, Reeds Spring
Robert Dukes and Robin Dollins, Tiny Tails, Edgar Springs
Bill and Sandra Sackrey, S K’s Kennel, Brookfield
Brenda Walter, Hidden Valley Farms, Greencastle
Jesse and Sonja Miller – Walnut Creek Kennel, La Monte

Click here to read the full report

Remember, ADOPT!! Do not support puppy mills!
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