Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mother's Comfort Project...a volunteer's viewpoint

From a volunteer of Rational Animal's Mother's Comfort Project...

Jen B., a volunteer for the Mother's Comfort Project, participated in our April sewing session. She had a great time and then came along with us for the delivery on June 6th, just this past Saturday.

Having experienced this great Rational Animal project from the inside out, she had these kind words to say about it:

"Thanks so much for letting me come with you to the shelter this past weekend. I really felt good about the experience and would like to continue being involved in the Mother's Comfort Project.

I have always been an animal lover, so when I saw an article in Time Out New York about the Mother's Comfort Project, I thought that would be a good way to help. I had never volunteered before. Making the beds was a great experience, and it made me want to help distribute them as well. I had never been to a city shelter before, and I think my perception was that the animals would be sick or aggressive, it would be depressing, etc. When I got there, I was amazed to see how many GREAT, affectionate animals there were. The dogs came to the front of their cages and wagged their tails when we walked by, and the cats started meowing as soon as we walked in. They also weren't all strays as I assumed, there were animals whose owners had passed away, or whose owners simply decided they no longer wanted to have or pay for an animal.

Whether they were strays or owner surrenders, they just seemed to be looking for some love and attention. Unfortunately there were a lot of them, and the shelter had its hands full, so it made our job even more worthwhile. The animals are held in cold steel cages, and something as small as a bed, toy, or pat on the head really does make a difference in their quality of lives. I can vouch for this first-hand.

I think we can all find excuses and reasons NOT to get involved, but I can truly say that I am so happy that I chose to follow through and do it, because the feeling you get back outweighs the excuses tenfold. Mother's Comfort is making a direct impact, and these animals really do deserve it."

Thanks, Jen!! We appreciate our volunteers' work for our projects. As we all strive to help animals and empower more people to be aware, educated, and make informed decisions. We know this contributes to prevention -- which is key. We seek to prevent some of the problems we deal with in the animal rescue and awareness realm, such as the high incidents of owner surrender and breed/puppy shop buys, as well as cruelty in dog fighting and general neglect.

It's so great to hear one of our volunteers express that she feels she is making a difference.
We feel we are -- and we will not give up!

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