Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why are the rules different for animals? Can we answer this?

If we choose to treat each other humanely and remain intolerant of violence on our fellow man...why are the rules different for animals?

Remember a time you felt total utter fear or anguish, and imagine that was your entire life day in and day out...

Goldfinger's John Feldman wrote this song for PETA, who put together this footage; there are two versions in existence, one concentrates purely on factory farms, this one covers a number of industries that abuse animals for money, including the farming industry.


There is a reason the animals struggle and fight and/or try to escape when humans in factory farms, laboratories, fur farms, or an American household threaten, hurt, torture, abuse, and try to kill them. Humans react the same way.

Imagine someone tore you from your family and threw you in a cage...for the rest of your life. Your time out of the cage is spent strapped to an uncomfortable, painful apparatus you do not understand or know is going to get worse or ever stop. Back in the cage you suffer from the same fear, anguish, and mental deterioration that prisoners in solitary confinement do. The only difference is that prisoners get out of solitary confinement and often out of prison altogether.

Why? Because they have rights.

Imagine you are torn from your family at birth and put in a small crate for the first few years of your life. You cannot turn around, your muscles do not develop properly, you are injected with foreign substances, and you cannot express to anyone the pain and discomfort you are feeling day in and day out. Imagine then that you are so crippled by the unnatural environment that you are left to stumble in a pen, hit and abused by unknown beings who are doing it purely for their own amusement, because you are no good to them, your price tag is gone, you are nothing except an object of abuse...for no reason. You cannot get away, you try to fight, through your pain, your fear, but you can do nothing. You cannot express that what is happening to you is wrong and someone needs to help you. You cannot ask another to punish those who torture you.

Why? Because you have no rights.

Do we have a right to live? Yes.
Do you have a right to be free from fear and oppression and harm? Yes.
You are lucky.

Animals have a will to live...the creatures you see in this video don't want to die, and they want to be free with others of their kind. That's what we feel and do.

How is it different for these animals?
Why do we rob them of the things we take for granted for our own lives and which are protected by laws, by each other?

What is the reason these animals are subjected to such suffering? The reason is the humans just do it. Humans abuse animals for fun, but mostly humans abuse and exploit animals for money, and they don't hold back.

Animal protection laws are not working; they are not being abided by; they are not being enforced.
What can you do?

Do not give money to industries that harm animals. Try transitioning to a vegan diet, do not buy clothing made from animal products such as leather and wool, and try to learn more about the products you buy, such as Splenda, made by Proctor and Gamble, a company that tests its consumer products on animals.

Check out this list of companies that test on animals, and try to avoid purchasing products manufactured by them. Opt for products by companies that do not test on animals -- search by category here.

It's not easy -- we strive to conserve, waste less, recycle...if we are seeking to help our planet, why shouldn't we also seek to help the animals we share it with? We are all here on the same ground, breathing the same air, and while we have rights...we have obligations. For those that do not have rights, we are obligated to protect them by making informed decisions and helping to educate our peers.

The next time you need a hug, you call a friend for help, you breathe a fresh breath of air in the comfort of pure freedom...remember those who do not have even the simplest of things such as that. When you hold your cat, walk your dog, or enjoy watching animals in their natural environment, remember those who were robbed of this.

After watching this and other videos like it, remember that it is okay to feel sad, angry, and sick...

but even if you cannot answer these questions, know that you are not helpless.

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